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George earl (Georges Edouard Piaget) in Switzerland in the Jura mountains village La Cô Te – aux feeds settle down, and after decades become synonymous with luxury and precision of wrist watch. He first at the farmhouse was set up between the first wrist watch workshop, specifically for the production of famous Swiss watch brand performance precise quality movement. Thriving tabulation business, quickly developed into family enterprises; And the earl’s reputation also climbed mountains, famous far and near. From the hand of the earl of wrist movement, to beat the exquisite workmanship, with people from all walks of life must tabulation workshop wins high reputation for their brands. In 1911, timothy, earl (Timothee Piaget) from his father, George took his possessions, and holds on to his father’s passion for watches, as well as to the quality consistent.

Own brand. 1943-1943
Bold innovation, the courage to try and never-say-die spirit, deeply rooted in the origin of the family of the count. Therefore, in order to let the family business can ever lasting camp, specializing in the production of movement of the earl decided to earl (Piaget) in 1943 registered as a brand name, and in La Cô Te – aux – feeds TAB in the workshop production, officially launched and selling crown wrist watch “Piaget” logo. If the founder grandchildren jie DE and warren too earl (Gerald, Valentin Piaget) two people at the helm, the earl of brand speakers around the world, increasing awareness, show a new weather of thoroughly remould oneself; Follow the order, every customer want to have belongs to own the earl wrist watch. Only control watches workshop equipment by modernization, but not enough to cope with the demand. So the new plant in 1945 in La Cô Te – aux – the opening of feeds, and decided to start in development of the ultra-thin movement.